Creating The Perfect Kids’ Play Area

Creating the perfect kids' play area doesn't have to be hard. With these tips and tricks, you'll be there in no time, and your kids will love the results!

If you have kids, then putting together the perfect kids’ play area is one of the best things you can do for them.

Yes, they can play anywhere; in the garden, the living room, or their own bedrooms. But having a dedicated space where they can explore, learn, and have fun will be more beneficial to them and you. You won’t have to worry about the whole house looking messy 24/7, and your kids will have a special place to go when they want to grow and play.

This can also be the perfect place for your child to host play dates, or play with siblings and cousins. If you want to put together the perfect kids’ play area in your home, then read on:

Creating the perfect kids' play area doesn't have to be hard. With these tips and tricks, you'll be there in no time, and your kids will love the results!

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Find The Perfect Spot

Will the play area be a spare room in your home, or will your transform a shed or garage into the play area? How much space do you think you need, and which space seems to be more suitable for your kid’s age and ability level? Even a large closet or one end of a large room can work.

Make Sure The Area Is Inspiring And Engaging

Your goal should be to make your chosen area as inspiring and engaging as possible. This will make them WANT to use the space you’ve set aside as their play space. They’ll love coming to their playroom. You can use different colors, patterns, pictures, and phrases to make the room look inviting and draw them in.

Consider choosing a theme that you know they will love, but make sure it’s not a theme they will quickly outgrow or get tired of. For example, if your son loves sailors, mermaids, fish, and anything to do with the sea, make sure this isn’t just a fad that will pass next month. You want the play room to have a timeless decor, or else you’ll have to constantly redecorate it to keep him wanting to go there.

Figure Out The Best Type Of Storage

Storage is key in a kid’s play area. Let’s face it, they tend to accumulate a lot of books, toys, and materials, and this can mean a seriously messy space if you don’t have a workable system to keep it organized. There are lots of different kinds, so make sure you consider what is best for your kids. You want them to be able to tidy up after themselves, so make sure they are able to do that with the chosen storage.

Stacking storage can be great, as it helps to save floor space, is easily organized, and can be used by your kids too. However, shelves and other storage options also save floor space in a small area and can display certain items. Do your research on the best storage types so you know what is worth investing in.

Include Natural Elements

Every play room should include elements of nature and natural materials. The natural colors and textures of materials such as stones, seed pods, tree blocks, and wool, can give your kids a break from the primary colors that are so common in kids’ toys.

Using hints of nature in the playroom can also encourage your kids to develop a love of nature while they are young, and play more creatively as a result. It’s sometimes tough to encourage kids to love playing outside, but if you introduce them to nature this way while they are young, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to do.

Make Sure It’s As Clean, Tidy, And Hygienic As Possible

It goes without saying that your kids’ play area should be as clean, tidy, and hygienic as possible. Make sure you encourage them to clean up after themselves, and ensure the materials and surfaces used in the room are easy to wipe over. You shouldn’t have colors or materials that are going to get sticky, dirty, and messy too easily. (For starters, skip the light-colored carpet!)

Select The Right Kinds Of Toys

Be sure to choose the right kinds of toys for your kid’s playroom. You don’t want them to be staring at screens all day, do you? Make sure you’re selecting open-ended toys. These types of toys allow for active exploration and lots of different types of play, which is great for their development.

Before you buy a toy, make sure you consider whether your child will be able to learn from it and get lots of use out of it. This is one reason I love Smart Games. Even though my girls are now old enough for some of their “big kid” games, which are more portable than those aimed at younger children, they still haul out their older ones several times a month to play with them.

Find The Perfect Furniture

The furniture you put in the playroom needs to be just the right kind, too. It should be solid and well-made, so you don’t have to worry about needing to replace it when it breaks right away. You also want to be sure that there are no sharp corners, or anything that can hurt your child if they fall or have an accident.

Also make sure their furniture is comfortable, too. Cushions and throw blankets will make it cozy AND make your kids happy. Give them not only places for them to play, but places for them to relax and read if they want to. A bean bag is perfect for making a cozy reading nook for them. My girls LOVE their bean bags, and curl up to read on them all the time.

Have A ‘Work In Progress’ Space

This is critical! Your kids aren’t always going to be playing with toys. Sometimes, they are going to want to make things, too. Kids love creating, whether it’s a pretty picture, a story, or a model airplane. Make sure they have a space to do this where they don’t feel under too much pressure to keep it perfectly tidy. They need something like a desk area or corner, or their own art table. Make sure it has lots of different creative materials and things they can use for putting their imaginations to good use.

Make Sure There’s Room For Many Different Types Of Play

Ensure that your kids are free to explore many different types of play in their playroom. For example, ideally you want them to have room for all of these activities:

  • Constructive play
  • Creative play
  • Imaginative play
  • Reading
  • Creating with expressive materials

If your child can enjoy all of the above in their play room, then you know you’ve created an incredible play space for them that they’ll love for years to come.

Keep Your Kids Safe

One final consideration is keeping your kids safe. Make sure you child-proof the room and keep it secure. Kids WILL find uncovered outlets, strings from blinds, and non-secured storage items they can tip over onto themselves. Just don’t go there.

How will you put together your perfect kids’ play area? Let us know in the comments section!

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Creating the perfect kids' play area doesn't have to be hard. With these tips and tricks, you'll be there in no time, and your kids will love the results!

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