It’s Black Friday: Are You Saving Money?

Happy Black Friday, to those of you who celebrate such a day.  I am not a big shop-til-you-drop Black Friday gal myself. I find it more family-budget-friendly to score deals on Christmas gifts year-round, and I’m not big on fighting my way through crowded stores and parking lots in the month of December.

But for those of you who are just gearing up for your holiday shopping – or who can’t stand the crowds of brick-and-mortar shopping – or who are down to last-minute finishing-up online – well, if you haven’t yet read my earlier post about saving $$$ shopping online this holiday season, then do check out Ebates.

The short version is, they give you money back on online purchases at many of the places you’d probably already shop anyway.  And even better, you can often use Ebates in conjunction with other online promo codes.  Plus, starting on Black Friday, they’re offering a lot of double-cash-back offers (meaning a store that ordinarily will give you 4% back on your purchases through Ebates will now give you 8%, and 10% stores will now give you 20% of the purchase price back).

So do give it a try, if you haven’t yet, and you’ll get a nice surprise when your rebate check arrives in the mail early next year.

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