More Organization? #YesPlease!

So you’re interested in more ORGANIZATION in your life? Super – I LOVE organization hacks, whether for my home or for my life!

Here are some sections from the archives to get you started:

  • If you want to have an organized home that’s also a functional home, then the first step is always to tame the clutter. Clutter-taming, I’ve learned, has two parts: letting go of things you no longer need, and finding the best (often DIY) storage solutions for the rest.
  • Another key to an organized home is a clean home, but who has time to clean all day (or money to hire a live-in maid)? Enter my fave cleaning hacks, which can help your home feel more organized from day to day.
  • One of my fave life-organization hacks ever is Bullet Journaling. Is it hard for you to keep track of all the endless to-do’s, kiddo appointments, and other clutter in your brain? Ever feel like you can’t shut off all that mental noise and just THINK for a minute, let alone focus on the task at hand? I’d tried pretty much every digital way to get my life in order; none of them worked. But Bullet Journaling has revolutionized my life; see these posts for why, how it can help you, and how to get started.

Happy browsing!