Here are your FREE Virtual Family Schedule printable planners and e-template!

Thanks again for joining the Super Mom Hacks community!

As promised, here are links to your three freebies (6 sheets total):

  • To access the 8.5×11-inch printable weekly family schedule, ✅CLICK HERE.
  • To access the miniature (4×6-inch) version of the printable weekly schedule, ✅CLICK HERE.
  • And to access the Google spreadsheet e-scheduling template, ✅CLICK HERE. (This is a read-only file, so the first thing you’ll need to do is save a copy. After that, you can customize it.)

More on your freebies:

Weekly family schedule (8.5×11)

Use this to jot down all your family’s recurring weekly events and meetings, so you have a master list of everything in one place. Perfect If you don’t use a bullet journal, or you already keep your planners and family paperwork in a binder. (Hint: try drawing vertical lines with a ruler to separate the calendar into columns, one for each family member.)

I included two copies of the same worksheet – one in cool colors, one in warm colors – so print whichever one you like better. 🙂

MINI Weekly family schedule (4×6)

For making a quick-reference pocket-sized version to attach to individual kiddos’ workstations, if you don’t have large sticky notes handy.

Again, there are two copies – cool colors and warm colors – so print out whichever colors you like better (warm or cool) on a piece of card stock or blank 4×6 index card. Then jot down schedule reminders for each family member on their own quick-reference card.

E-schedule planner template (Google spreadsheet)

For family members who prefer to see a digital schedule, or to store recurring meeting hyperlinks, you’ll want to use the third file, which is a blank Google spreadsheet e-scheduling template. Remember to save a copy of the file before you try to edit it; this link is view-only.

If you want to get a sense of what this looks like when it’s filled out, click on the second tab/page of the file, where you can see a copy of the girls’ weekly meeting schedule (minus the electronic access links). It’s been SUPER-helpful for all of us to have a single file we can all access, where everyone’s recurring meeting links are in one place that everyone can access from any device!

Enjoy, and thanks again! – Flossie 🙂