More TIME? #YesPlease!

So you’re interested in more TIME in your life? Super – I LOVE time-saving hacks!

Here are some sections from the archives to get you started:

  • Bullet Journaling – Is it hard for you to keep track of all the endless to-do’s, kiddo appointments, and other clutter in your brain? Ever feel like you can’t shut off all that mental noise and just THINK for a minute, let alone focus on the task at hand? I’d tried pretty much every digital way to get my life in order; none of them worked. But Bullet Journaling has revolutionized my life; see these posts for why, how it can help you, and how to get started.
  • Easy, healthy meals – From quick, healthy breakfasts and lunches to fast side dishes, slow cooker meals, and (my fave) dishes that use up random leftovers from your fridge, these recipes are some of my family’s go-to’s. (And I cannot recommend these time-saving kitchen gadgets highly enough – esp. if you have little helpers in the kitchen!)
  • Also check out these other posts in the “save time” section of my archives!

Happy browsing!