Best Campfire Desserts: Campfire Unicorn Horns

Campfire Unicorn Horns are a delicious, easily customizable campfire dessert for kids, and easy to make as a gluten-free smores alternative.

Looking for easy campfire desserts for kids for your next family camping trip? Campfire Unicorn Horns are super-tasty campfire foil desserts that are an easy alternative to smores. They are easy to make as gluten free campfire desserts. And because they’re a banana campfire dessert, you could even argue that they’re a healthy alternative to smores!

We first tried Campfire Unicorn Horns a couple of weeks ago, when visiting my dear friend Raiah and her family in Ontario. Raiah’s younger daughter Eugenie is in Girl Guides of Canada, and learned how to make Campfire Unicorn Horns while camping with her fellow Guides. As huge fans of s’mores, my girls were thrilled to try something that was just as delicious, even more satisfying, and “healthier” because it also included fruit.

Unicorn Horns are one of the best kids’ campfire recipes I’ve come across, because each child can make them to their own liking and taste preferences. Plus, like all campfire desserts in foil, there’s practically no cleanup! You can even make them in a homemade solar oven if you’re not going camping anytime soon, for a great at-home summer science experiment. So give these healthy smores alternatives a try today with the campfire desserts recipe for Unicorn Horns below.

Campfire Unicorn Horns

Servings vary

Prep time: approx 5 min (plus time to burn a campfire down to coals)

Cook time: approx 5 min in campfire coals, 5-10 min in shoebox solar oven

What you need:

  • Ice cream cones – either waffle cones (for larger portions/older kids) or sugar cones (gluten-free if you prefer)
  • Just-ripe bananas, peeled and sliced into 1/2-inch-thick rounds
  • Assorted baking chips – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, butterscotch, etc.
  • Marshmallows and/or mini marshmallows
  • (Optional) Caramel-filled chocolate bar, broken into individual squares
  • (Optional) Caramel sauce
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • A permanent magic marker

This dessert ideally cooks in the coals of a spent campfire, so start your fire before you begin prepping your unicorn horns, and be sure someone is monitoring it as it burns down.

The basic idea:

  • Each person will need an ice cream cone and a piece of foil large enough to wrap the cone shut.
  • Fill the bottom of your cone with your preferred flavor(s) of baking chips.

  • Add sliced bananas until almost full; top bananas with caramel-filled chocolate and/or caramel sauce, if desired.

  • Press a marshmallow (or a layer of mini-marshmallows) into the top of the cone.

  • Wrap securely in foil, and write your name on the outside of the foil in permanent marker.

  • Insert upright into the coals of your campfire, and cook for approx. 3-5 min or until ingredients are melted.

  • Be careful to put them into the coals, not into the fire itself, so your cone doesn’t burn.
Too close to the fire, and your ingredients could burn.
  • Unwrap and enjoy! Add a few extra banana slices or chips on top, if you like!


Have you made Campfire Unicorn Horns before? What’s your favorite brand of gluten-free cones? Let us know in the comments!

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