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Healthy Microwave Baked Apples Recipe (Ready in 10 Minutes!)

Want a tummy-warming, healthy start to your day? These weekday-friendly microwave baked apples are ready in just ten minutes!

When I was growing up, each day began with a good breakfast. And breakfast always began with a serving of fruit. On chilly mornings, my favorite breakfast fruit was my mother’s delicious homemade baked apples. Originally published Oct. 5, 2017; last updated October 2020. My mama baked apples the old-fashioned way, in the oven. Usually […]

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Decadently Easy PB&J French Toast

Let Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast Fuel Your Morning: Already a fan of regular French toast? Looking for something a little different for lazy weekend mornings at home? Or a surprisingly elegant dish for your next brunch? What about Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast? PB&J French Toast is deliciously decadent, but SO simple

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Best Morning Oatmeal Recipes, Quick & Healthy

Fall has finally come to our neck of the woods. Which means that Essie and I are back to eating oatmeal most mornings for breakfast. If you think oatmeal is too fussy for a quick weekday breakfast, think again. Not only is oatmeal extremely filling and satisfying, but it’s also super-healthy when you make it

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Yummy Summer Breakfast Parfait

I’ll admit it. The name Yummy Summer Breakfast Parfait is a blatant attempt to follow my long-standing rule of giving foods appealing names. A recent scientific study at Stanford confirmed my practice: People are more likely to try strange foods with appealing names. But like other recipe names I’ve bestowed, it’s also based in reality.

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