Easy Easter Desserts Recipe: Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs

Looking for easy Easter desserts for your Easter table? This Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs recipe is pretty, quick, and so easy your kids can help!

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs that are pretty AND easy:

Looking for a fun, easy dessert for your Easter table that your kids can help make? A few weeks ago, the girls and I tried a variation on the original Rice Krispie treats recipe: we made them into Easter eggs that were as yummy as they were pretty. Our Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs are the perfect recipe for fun, easy Easter desserts to brighten up your Easter table this holiday!

If you’ve ever done any holiday baking whatsoever, there’s a reasonable chance you have everything you need to make these around the house, saving you a trip to the store. So dig out those holiday baking ingredients, and have fun making this easy Easter desserts recipe with your kiddos sometime over Holy Week.

Easy Easter Desserts Recipe: Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs

Servings and total time vary, depending on how many batches you decide to make. Each batch makes a small recipe, so you can repeat multiple times for different colors, and the mix will still be moldable by the time you’re molding the last egg in each batch.

What you’ll need:

  • Rice Krispie treats (at least one box)*
  • Marshmallows, preferably miniature (at least one bag)
  • Butter or margarine, preferably salted (at least one stick)
  • Food coloring (any will do, though I hear Wilton Gel Colors work best – we don’t have those, so have to use more drops)
  • Assorted sprinkles/cookie toppings (colored sugars work best, but again, any with small pieces should work)
  • Microwave-safe mixing bowl and scraper
  • Large, flat storage container with tight-fitting lid
  • Wax paper, parchment paper, foil, or plastic wrap
  • Small toppings bowls, if your cookie toppings aren’t already in small, flat containers

Prep work:

  1. Line the bottom of a large, flat storage container with tight-fitting lid, preferably with wax paper.
  2. Lay out your toppings on the counter next to the storage container; if they’re in jars, pour small amounts into bowls. Remove the lids from containers, as appropriate.

The basic idea (per batch):

  1. Measure out 3 c. Rice Krispies cereal; set aside.
  2. In microwave-safe bowl, top 2 c. marshmallows with 2 T. margarine. Add food coloring as desired (up to 5 drops if using Wilton gels, up to 10-20 drops if using regular liquid food coloring).
  3. Microwave for a minute; stir. Microwave in additional 30-second increments, stirring between each, until mixture is smooth and melted.
  4. Stir in cereal; stir to coat thoroughly.

    Essie stirring the cereal into the melted marshmallow-butter mixture

  5. Form small handfuls of cereal into small egg shapes in your palm (think a little smaller than a regular eggs or your kids’ plastic Easter eggs). Immediately roll the eggs into your topping of choice; squeeze the egg gently on all sides when you’re done, to help press the topping into the egg.
  6. Place each egg into your prepared storage container when you’re done.
  7. Repeat as many times as you like. (No need to worry about washing the bowl out between batches!)
  8. Cool eggs thoroughly. You can make them ahead for Easter and freeze them if you like, or you can place a piece of bread in the storage container with the eggs to help keep them chewy longer; otherwise, they will get hard in a few days (if they last that long!).

Mix it up:

  • *Don’t have Rice Krispie treats at home? Put Chex, Cheerios, Special K, or another similar (plain/unsugared) cereal into a large zip-top bag, then roll over the bag with a rolling pin to crush the cereal into somewhat smaller bits.
  • Mini marshmallows are easier to work with, but regular ones will work, too; use 18 for each batch, or 5 jumbo marshmallows per batch.
  • Fresh marshmallows will work best, but you can also use older ones; they just won’t melt as well. You may want to try 3 cups of marshmallows instead of 2 c. if yours are leftover from last summer’s s’mores making adventures.
  • In our experience, the various colored sugars worked the best for coating the eggs. The assorted sprinkles definitely needed to be pressed into the eggs after rolling the eggs in the toppings.
  • Don’t have colored sugar? Mix some plain white sugar with a drop or two of food coloring in a bowl, for each color you want to make.
  • Don’t have food coloring? Make the mix itself plain, and just use the cookie toppings to decorate your eggs.
  • If you have plain shredded coconut at home, you can use a few drops of green food coloring to dye some green, and serve your eggs on edible green “grass.”

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18 thoughts on “Easy Easter Desserts Recipe: Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs”

  1. I’d love to remake these with the kids. We haven’t been able to purchase much these days since our store trips have been limited. Hoping to make a trip tomorrow to pick up Rice Krispies to recreate this one.

  2. Melanie williams

    Here is the UK, we luckily had all our Easter treats delivered direct to our door. Looks like you had fun making these though x

  3. These are so cute! We don’t have any marshmallows right now but I have everything else so may have to add them to my next grocery delivery. And to answer your questions, yes, the Wilton gel colors are the best! I’ve been using them for almost 10 years now and won’t go back to anything else!!

  4. These rice krispie easter egg treats are just adorable!! I think I’d rather do this one this year than dying eggs (as so many people just throw the eggs out after) I know these ones would get gobbled up asap! Such a fun way to celebrate Easter with the kiddos at home.

    1. The rice krispies Easter eggs look fabulous and kids would love making and eating them. The bright colors add cheer to a challenging season.

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