Loving the Environment for Kids: Check Out My Guest Post!

(Updated 6/3/2017: While Everyday Ecologist goes through a website makeover, I’ve republished Loving the Environment for Kids on my own site. You can find the full post here. Enjoy!) 

Hope you’ve been filling up your families’ summer tanks with memories that will last a lifetime.

I also hope some of those memories involve the outdoors.

With that in mind, do please check out this guest post I wrote on my friend and fellow blogger Liz Ellsworth’s site Everyday Ecologist. The guest post is titled “Loving the Environment for Kids: My Top Five Tips for Raising Eco-Friendly Offspring.”

It contains five simple ways you can sneak bite-sized lessons on loving the environment for kids into your family’s routine.

So whether you get to spend part or all of your summer at the shore, or hiking in the mountains, or even just visiting a nearby park, do get your kids out-of-doors, away from their screens, and into the fresh air as much as you can.

You’ll be helping them build a lifetime’s worth of memories, and a love and appreciation for the wonders of the planet we all call home

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