Super-Simple Holiday Centerpiece

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I admit, I’m addicted to home-decor magazines. I’m a sucker when I find myself waiting in doctor’s offices or checkout lines; next thing I know, I’m reading them cover to cover. I usually find their ideas for things like room makeovers and holiday centerpiece creations drool-worthy.

But drool-worthy is one thing; realistic to replicate, especially when time/energy/finances are limited, not so much.

If you find yourself in the same boat, here’s a holiday centerpiece you can throw together in a few minutes. With any luck, you already have the supplies you’ll need on hand.

Super-Simple Holiday Centerpiece

The basic idea:

For a classy holiday centerpiece in minutes, you need only two things: a collection of similar objects, and a container.

  • Our version involves some empty metal Crabtree & Evelyn sleds that I found a few years ago, and vintage glass ball ornaments.
  • My mom has an oblong ceramic candy dish that her parents made, filled with round ornaments in red and green.
  • If you’d like a more durable, kid-friendly version, swap out the vintage glass balls for 21st-century unbreakable ones.
  • Another option: pinecones in assorted sizes, with colorful ribbon swirls running through them.
  • Or try an assortment of pillar candles stacked up next to each other on a plate.

Mix it up:

  • For Easter, we use a collection of plastic eggs leftover from various egg hunts and a large square glass container from a thrift store.
  • A bowl or wooden box plus a collection of seashells is my favorite for summer, even though I haven’t lived anywhere near the ocean for years.
  • For fall, if your kids are always collecting colored leaves/rocks/acorns (like mine), this is a great way to get them involved while giving them a place to corral their collections, before you find yourself picking up acorns and stones all over the house. (You’ll probably still need to curate and edit a bit, though.)

What’s your favorite fast-and-easy holiday centerpiece idea? Share it with us in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Super-Simple Holiday Centerpiece”

    1. Just use a fancy bowl, or even a box or vase. The sleigh was just a lucky find – really, anything will do for a container as long as it’s festive – check whatever thrift stores are near your home, especially as they start to put out lots of holiday stuff, and see what you come across.

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