Kimmie’s New Year Resolutions and Goals

Kimmie made a Happy New Year card for her homeroom teacher, Mr. Hellag.

Happy New Year! I’m in the middle of several weeks of enjoying holiday and vacation time with my family. Hence, in lieu of a longer post, I thought I’d share seven-year-old Kimmie’s resolutions and goals for the new year.

Kimmie’s New Year Resolutions

Kimmie actually volunteered some personal new year resolutions to my mother a few nights before New Year’s Eve:

  1. Be a friend to everyone
  2. Be nice to everyone (I guess the bucket-filling lessons from Essie have hit home?)
  3. Sharpen her pencils less often, so as to conserve electricity and trees. (She admitted that this one would be a hardship for her, because she looooves super-sharp pencils.)

When my mother relayed all of this to me, I remember wondering where on earth Kimmie had learned the idea of making new year resolutions. It’s not something I’m big on, and she didn’t overhear it on TV.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure it’s not something they teach at school.

Still, though, I was touched. Kimmie has long been a budding conservationist, and I know that letting those pencils get a little duller with use will be a hardship for her.

Kimmie’s New Year Goals

At the same time, Kimmie has apparently been working to convert the rest of her elementary school to more eco-friendly practices. She started mentioning in December how she and Miss Borda were working on some water conservation posters for school. Far as I can tell, this special project was Kimmie’s idea.

At long last, the posters are finished and on display. I even got to see them hanging in the hallway.

Granted, Miss Borda helped with the drawings and writing.  And granted, I’m the proud mama.

But I’m still impressed at Kimmie’s New Year water-saving goals and advice for her peers:

  1. Use less water for baths.
  2. Use refillable water bottles, instead of disposable plastic ones.
  3. Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth.

I think #1 in particular will challenge Kimmie. All the more reason I commend her for advocating this course of action.

I’m still not sure where she got the idea to make New Year goals or resolutions, but I wish her all the best in making progress on them.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love reading their resolutions! The one about sharpening pencils hits home because that is sooooo my oldest son, Tyler! He did resolutions at school and his were: 1) at school: listen more (I don’t know why, he is a great listener) 2) personal: learn to roller skate.

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