Ten Bedroom Organization Hacks for the Whole Family

Having an organized bedroom isn't magic; it just takes a little effort. These ten bedroom organization hacks will help your whole family get there.

Bedrooms are the most used rooms in your home, and they can be used for all sorts of things. Sleeping isn’t the only thing you or anyone in your family does in there. If we only slept in our bedrooms, they would probably stay fairly tidy. But the reality is that bedrooms can quickly turn into a mess – especially kids’ rooms. Which is why everyone can use a few bedroom organization hacks.

And, as if your own mess isn’t enough, the kids tend to have a habit of spreading their things into your room, too. Staying on top of the chaos can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. With the right bedroom organization ideas, you can get everything organized, and KEEP it that way!

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10 Bedroom Organization Hacks for the Whole Family

Bedroom Organization Hack #1: Tidy Every Day

Taking a few minutes each day to tidy will go a long way toward having an organized bedroom. It might sound like a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be. Just a few minutes each morning or evening, to put things away and straighten everything, can help you keep them neat.

Of course, convincing your spouse and children to do the same isn’t as easy. But getting them into the habit of picking up after themselves is doable. A few minutes at the end of each activity, and a few minutes before bed, makes a world of difference. For a long time, I’ve had a quick tidying-up on the girls’ pre-bed chore chart lists. Even though I have to supervise to make sure they complete the job, it makes SUCH a difference.

Bedroom Organization Hack #2: Purge Regularly

It’s amazing how easily you can end up with piles of things you no longer wear or need. If you don’t want to run out of bedroom storage, clear out excess at least once or twice a year.

Doing this makes even more sense for kids, who outgrow clothes and toys faster than you can blink. As soon as the seasons change, pull out everything from the last season. Then either store it for the next sibling, or decide how to get rid of it. If it’s in good shape and likely to be in demand, you can sell it or give it to a friend. If you don’t want to sell or give it away, donate it to a charitable organization or thrift shop. Or if it’s not in good shape, see if you can recycle it; otherwise, just toss it.

Bedroom Organization Hack #3: Everything Needs A Home

Want to know the easiest way how to organize a child’s small bedroom? The secret to small bedroom organization is simple: make sure everything has a place to belong.

I cannot stress this enough. 90% of the clutter in our house comes from things that lack good homes. And by “good homes,” I mean homes that are easy to remember, easy for everyone to use, and fit the job.

For example, our plastic bins of travel-related gear used to live in Kimmie’s large closet. But Kimmie’s closet has become more crowded as she and her clothes have gotten bigger. So the current plan is to move the bins to the bottom of my half of the master closet. Only the bottom currently has clothes I no longer wear. I’ve known since the spring that the solution is to purge those unworn clothes (see step #2 above), only I just haven’t quite gotten there yet. And so the bins of travel gear sit out, taking up space along the wall.

As soon as I can make the time to do that purge, then the bins will once again have a home – and they will no longer be cluttering the rest of our bedroom!

Bedroom Organization Hack #4: Assess your bedroom storage

Storage is vital when you’re trying to keep your home organized. In your bedroom, your main storage needs will be for clothing and accessories. In your kids’ rooms, you need to take toys and books into account as well.

Before buying storage, think about what you need to store and where you want to put it. As well as stylish storage like dressers, trunks and bedside tables, think about practical boxes and more. You might also consider whether you already have appropriate storage solutions elsewhere in your house. Perhaps rather than buy a new bookcase for your child, you can repurpose a larger one from another room into their bedroom, so their picture-book collection can make way for chapter books?

Bedroom Organization Hack #5: Choose Child-friendly Kids Room Storage

When you think about kids’ room storage – and especially small kids’ room organization – you need to think from a child’s point of view. If it’s not something they can reach, something that’s easy for them to use, it WILL NOT WORK. Ditto for a system they don’t get to help set up, once they’re old enough to care (say, preschool.) Trust me; I’ve tried, and getting them invested in the process is your only key to success.

Put storage at their level so that they can see and access what they want/need – and, more importantly, put things away. In fact, you can set up their storage so it’s easy for them to put things away, but harder to get everything out at once. (It’s harder to mess things up in two seconds if they can’t pull down a pile of books or games all at once.) Choose storage that looks good in their room, so they’ll be more likely to use it. And do your best to give them simple choices that will help them feel a sense of ownership in the process. If they can pick which books go on which shelves, or how to organize and store certain toys, they’re more likely to feel invested in maintaining their storage systems.

Bedroom Organization Hack #6: Divvy Up Storage Spaces

When you’re organizing your things, having a large and open space can make it more difficult to keep things organized. Whether it’s a closet or a large drawer, it’s easier to split things up into smaller spaces.

There are lots of ways to divide up spaces, so think about what you want to store. You can create the perfect shapes for storing shirts, belts, jewelry, and various other items. It will be easier to find anything you want and put things back where they belong. Most recently, I’ve been storing the girls’ ever-larger clothes in their tiny dressers by using the Marie Kondo method of rolling everything up and standing it on end. This has required lots of narrow bins for lining up the rolled clothes in. I’ve recycled wine boxes, shoe boxes, etc. to make these narrow bins, at a cost no greater than a little tape and a little time. It has truly made all the difference in keeping their drawers organized.


Bedroom Organization Hack #7: Ban the Kids from Your Room

When your children are small, keeping them out of your room probably isn’t a top priority. But as they get older, you don’t necessarily want them and all of their things invading your space. Your bedroom might be the one sanctuary you have in your home, so making sure the kids stay out from when they reach a certain age is important.

Even if you allow them in when they have a bad dream or for Sunday morning cuddles, making sure they don’t bring half of their own room with them helps you keep your room tidy. I have a dear friend whose only child basically moved into the bedroom Friend shared with her husband. By the time Child was in high school, all of Child’s clothes lived in the parents’ bedroom, and Child spent more time there than in Child’s own room. Needless to say, my friend was not pleased that her room was never the sanctuary she needed at the end of a long day, in part because it was so cluttered with three people’s worth of stuff. (And not surprisingly, more children was totally out of the question.)

Bedroom Organization Hack #8: Use Multifunctional Furniture

If you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, keeping everything organized can be a little more difficult. But you can save space through a few methods, including using multi-functional furniture. This is one of my favorite kids room organization ideas, but also works well for grownup rooms.

For example, consider a dresser that can double up as a bedside table. Bedside tables are mostly just for holding a lamp and perhaps various items like your phone, glasses or a book. These can all just as easily sit on top of a dresser next to your bed, and it has much more storage space. You can also use space under your bed. Beds with built-in drawers underneath are a genius space-saving solution, especially (but not only) for kids’ rooms.

Need more ideas for how to organize a child’s small bedroom? My kids upgraded to loft beds with built-in desks underneath when they both became tweens.

Kimmie’s new loft bed, with desk underneath, and a storage ottoman that she uses to sit at her desk.

And they each have storage ottomans that provide a cozy place to perch with a book, while keeping extra bed linens for sleepovers nearby but hidden.

Bedroom Organization Hack #9: Use Walls and Ceilings to Save Space

Another good way to save space is by making use of the ceiling and walls. The vertical space helps to save your floor space for the most important pieces of furniture and ensure you still have space for walking around.

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Put up shelving to give you more space, especially in your closets. See if a simple shelf plus wall-mounted lamp can eliminate the need for a bedside table. You can even hang storage from the ceiling so that you can make the most of the space you have available; this works especially well in the corners of kids’ rooms, for a net hammock to hold all their stuffed-animal “friends.”

Bedroom Organization Hack #10: Organize Top to Bottom

It’s important to make sure that every part of a bedroom is organized. When you organize your room, you’ll want the things you need most on a higher level. It keeps everything accessible and means that the things you don’t want the kids to get at are out of reach.

In your kids’ rooms, however, you’ll want to put the things they need to access often at their level. If you expect them to dress themselves, for example, you don’t want their clothes to be out of reach. (Unless, like my little fashionista who’s dressed herself since she was 2, putting the clothes out of reach gives you a small help against her trying on every single thing she owns, morning after morning, because she can’t decide.)

The bottom line is simple, even though it may take you awhile to get there: Organize all of the bedrooms in your home, and you can keep them in order at all times. Don’t allow them to get messy long enough for it to become a problem.

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41 thoughts on “Ten Bedroom Organization Hacks for the Whole Family”

  1. I definitely need to use some of these tips in getting my bedroom organized. I feel like I should be a good example for my kids and keep my room clean and neat!

    1. Haha, yes, ours is still a work in progress, too – I need to get some clothes I’ll never wear again out of my closet, but keep putting it off…

  2. Thanks for these tips! I’m long overdue a purge so this was a good reminder. Weird cos I haven’t really bought anything. I think I’m just beginning to enjoy have less and less clothes!

    1. I know just what you mean! The older I get, the more I realize that I really just do wear my favorites, so why do I need the rest?

  3. You always have such great ideas. I’m a big fan of purging and we do so frequently. I also minimize the amount of toys the kids have at any giving time – one in, one to the donation pile, with the exception of things that really mean a lot. I think I get over excited about organizing, though and often forget to include the kids – great idea!

    1. LOL! I know what you mean! I’ll never forget when I first tried to organize the girls’ massive truck collection, and they kept stubbornly returning them to the “garage” they had invented for them – to this day, the trucks live in the “garage”!

  4. These are such helpful suggestions. I hate clutter! My kids are definitely banned from my room (I need some space that is kid-free), and I try to pick up all the toys every night before they go to bed. It definitely helps!

  5. My bedroom could definitely use a lift – but doesn’t really need any organization help. My kids’ rooms are absolutely a mess though. I really need to figure out some new things for keeping things organized and clean in their rooms.

    1. I think they go through phases when they grow and the old solutions no longer work. This has been especially true for us as our kids have gotten larger; they both have antique dressers that worked great when they were tinier, not so much now. Ongoing battle for sure!

  6. Loved this! I think my problem is that I don’t make an effort to actually tidy every day and so I end up with a much bigger job to do all in one go!

    1. This is (alas) all too true! I am working really hard right now with Kimmie on picking up her room each night before bed, but I need to take my own advice to heart a bit more…

  7. It’s amazing how much doing something as little as just making the bed each morning helps you feel when you return home each night.

  8. Ha! Our house doesn’t have much decor going on around. My desk is filled with clutter. You know how you’re the only person who knows where a certain thing is placed? that’s me, so I rarely organize my stuff. haha. but I do want to organize from time to time.

  9. I really need to get more shelf/storage space for my boys’ rooms. As they are getting older they are starting to collect more things and need homes for it all. I think we are getting my oldest a desk for Christmas now that he is in Kindergarten and will have homework, so that will help give him space for some things. We don’t let the kid’s toys come out of the playroom so it helps keep their rooms and the rest of the house clean.

    1. We have been doing a slow-motion “big girl” makeover on Kimmie’s room for several months now; much of it revolves around more/better storage solutions. It’s not easy but SO important!

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