Top 10 Cleaning Hacks with Melamine Sponges

melamine sponges
Let’s face it, life with kids is messy.
But melamine sponges clean up after even the messiest kid activities.

Have you fallen in love with melamine sponges yet? Those things also known as Magic Erasers truly do work magic, if you’ve never tried them. They’re also a great way to get your kids into the cleaning act.

If this cleaning powerhouse is new to you, here are my

Top 10 Cleaning Hacks with Melamine Sponges

1. Kid Graffiti

Those unauthorized scribbles adorning your walls? Those stray crayon or pencil marks on your countertops and cabinets? A wet melamine sponge takes them off in no time.

2. Easel clean-up

Sometimes it’s hard to stay within the lines – or on the paper – when you’re a child creating your next masterpiece. (And let’s face it, using markers on the chalkboard, or permanent markers on the dry-erase surface, is sooooo tempting when you’re a little kid.) Melamine sponges can undo your little artist’s experiments in no time.

3. Wall scuff removal

Likewise, if your kids decide to have a kick-the-wall contest, melamine sponges will take care of the mess. (And they’re easy enough to use that you can put your kids to work on the cleanup!)

4. Painting prep

When you’re painting a wall a new color, you need to start with a clean surface that’s free of random marks. Melamine sponges are a much faster way to get there than anything else I’ve tried.

5. Doorway grunge

Greasy, dirty fingerprints and smudges marring the areas around your doorknobs? Melamine sponges will take off that grime in no time.

6. Permanent marker removal

If you’ve read my post on laundry-room hacks, you already know that isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is my favorite way to remove “permanent” magic marker. But when marker stains persist on solid surfaces, melamine sponges can clean up the residue.

7. Feeding tray and countertop stains

Got some tomato-sauce stains on that feeding tray that you can’t get out? How about some red wine drips or coffee rings that you can’t scrub off your countertop? Worried about kiddos dyeing their eggs on your white kitchen counters? Melamine sponges eliminate all these messes in my kitchen.

8. Brightening serving utensils

Our favorite go-to spoon for stirring on the stove is part of a white plastic set. We love the shape; the stains from frequent stovetop use, not so much. Melamine sponges help remove layers of cooking grunge.

before (left) and after (right) cleaning with a melamine sponge

9. Spiffing up shoes

Do your kids have some Crocs or rain boots that are looking grungy? Melamine sponges will remove the grime in no time.

10. Sale prep

Getting ready for your next yard sale or seasonal consignment event? You’ll want to stock up on melamine sponges. Spot-cleaning toys and household goods with melamine sponges will help them sell faster, for better prices, at your next yard sale. If you’re participating in a seasonal consignment event, a final cleaning with melamine sponges can make the difference between your item selling for top dollar and being pulled from the sale floor for not being clean.

Buying tips:

The original name-brand player in this arena is Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers. If you don’t think you’ll use them much, or just want to try them out, might as well go for the name-brand version.

But if you find yourself using them a lot (like I do), then buying generic versions in bulk can save you a bundle. They sometimes have a peculiar odor, but they work as well as the original, for only pennies apiece.

Have you tried melamine sponges? What’s your favorite way they help you hack through your cleaning in no time flat?

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