kid-friendly holiday crafts

Paper Clip Angels (Cute Homemade Christmas Ornament)

if you're looking for a cute, easy idea for a kid-friendly holiday craft, give paper clip angels a try; they make great gifts for teachers.

I first saw paper clip angels a few years ago at our church’s holiday bazaar and thought, “Oh, how sweet!” There must be a gazillion versions of paper clip angels on Pinterest, but every time I do this craft, it’s new to everyone who sees it. Originally published Dec. 9, 2016; last updated November 2020 …

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Super-Simple Holiday Centerpiece

Looking for a quick and easy holiday centerpiece idea? You can throw this one together in a few minutes, with supplies you probably already have. easy holiday centerpieces | easy diy holiday centerpieces | easy holiday party centerpieces | easy to make holiday centerpieces | centerpieces for christmas party | centerpieces for christmas | centerpieces for christmas table | centerpieces for christmas wedding | centerpieces for christmas diy | diy christmas decorations | diy christmas decorations

I admit, I’m addicted to home-decor magazines. I’m a sucker when I find myself waiting in doctor’s offices or checkout lines; next thing I know, I’m reading them cover to cover. I usually find their ideas for things like room makeovers and holiday centerpiece creations drool-worthy. But drool-worthy is one thing; realistic to replicate, especially …

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