Kimmie’s New Year Resolutions and Goals

Kimmie made a Happy New Year card for her homeroom teacher, Mr. Hellag.

Happy New Year! I’m in the middle of several weeks of enjoying holiday and vacation time with my family. Hence, in lieu of a longer post, I thought I’d share seven-year-old Kimmie’s resolutions and goals for the new year. Kimmie’s New Year Resolutions Kimmie actually volunteered some personal new year resolutions to my mother a …

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Bucket-Filling For Your Kids

Do Unto Otters

Do your kiddos practice bucket-filling on a daily basis? Have you even taught them about bucket-filling yet? You probably have, and just don’t realize it. But in this season of celebrating miracles and light and goodness, many of us are focusing in our families on bucket-filling anyway. Even if we don’t do so in the context …

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