What’s Going To Be Hot This Christmas?

Want to know what's going to be hot this Christmas? Here's a sneak peek at the top toys and games for the 2018 Christmas gift-giving season!

Counting the days to Christmas yet? With Christmas Eve three months from today, it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas shopping strategy. With that in mind, here are some clues on what gift ideas are going to be hot this Christmas.

This forecast of 2018’s trendiest toys will give you a jump-start on what your kids will be begging for in a few months, so you can plan ahead and watch for the best deals. Happy deal-hunting!

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What’s Going To Be Hot This Christmas?


Do you remember back in the 1980s when the Back to the Future films crashed into movie theaters? Well, ever since then, children have dreamed of having their very own hoverboards so that they could whizz around their house just like Marty McFly whizzed around on his in the movies.

And the good news is, these gadgets have moved way beyond their initial safety hiccups, so 2018’s models are by far the safest yet. If you check the items from gizmo4sale.com, you’ll see that you can now buy some very fancy hoverboards that are sure to wow your kiddos on Christmas morning. Hoverboards are set to be one of the biggest presents this Christmas, so make sure your kids don’t go without!

My kids’ Lego corner

Harry Potter Legos

If your kids are old enough to enjoy the Harry Potter books, then you already know that anything Harry Potter-themed is a guaranteed hit. My girls just started reading the books in August, and we spent yesterday afternoon watching the fourth Harry Potter film. After which, they took turns “flying” around the house on an (electric) broom!

Well, if your children are (like mine) obsessed with both Legos AND Harry Potter, I can tell you right now what will top their list this Christmas: Harry Potter-themed Lego sets. Take a look at lego.com and check out the different sets that are available. One of the best out there has to be the Hogwarts set. Make sure they open it last, though, because they’re going to want to spend the rest of Christmas day trying to assemble the entire Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry out of Lego bricks. Once they’ve completed it, they’ll be able to display it somewhere where everyone can admire their handiwork.

Fortnite Monopoly

If you have a young gamer at home, you’re well aware of the hottest new game of this past year, Fortnite. Even if your kids aren’t obsessed with video games, you’ve probably heard about this computer game sensation if your littles are teens or tweens. (I confess I hadn’t, but then again, our girls don’t watch TV and use tech primarily for school.) The game follows a battle royale format that encourages collaboration among players, and the goal is to become the last one standing.

Well, now your kiddos can take their love of Fortnite off the screen and into a format that the whole family can enjoy offline. Monopoly have just released a Fortnite version of their famous board game! The whole family will be able to sit around and play a classic game, while the kids try and educate you about all things Fortnite. If you’re lucky, they may even teach you the iconic Fortnite dance!


Lego and Monopoly are always classic Christmas gifts that cover a wide age spectrum. But if your littles are too young for games like Monopoly or the tiny pieces of Lego sets, there’s no better time than Christmas to introduce them to the world of Playmobil.

Playmobil sets have sturdy play pieces are well-crafted and perfect for open-ended imaginative play. And their line for younger players, Playmobil 1-2-3, is perfect for younger children, because the small figures are big enough for young children to play with safely. The girls had several sets when they were younger, and they STILL want to play with them whenever they spot them in the basement – especially the Playmobil Ark, which was their all-time favorite by far. The figures can be used with any play set, not just the ones they came with; you could even start to create a Playmobil town for your children!

Chow Crown Game

Lots of families like to buy a family game as a large family present, to keep everyone entertained between Christmas and New Year’s. Well, if you’re looking for the biggest family game of 2018, it looks as if Chow Crown Game will be the winner for what’s hot this Christmas.

Save this silly family game for snack time, and get your munchies ready. Whoever’s turn it is needs to wear a hat that plays music. While the melody is playing, the wearer needs to try and eat all the different food that is hanging from plastic forks suspended from the crown. You can add any kind of small snacks to the attachments, such as pieces of fruit or candies. Then get ready to laugh your head off while you watch each player try to eat the food from the flying forks!

Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families

The Sylvanian Family toys (sold in the US as Calico Critters) have been super popular over the past few decades. When you look at them, it’s easy to see why. You can buy Sylvanian Family sets which often come in the form of a small playhouse. These sets also come with a small animal family that kids can play with in the toy house.

Just like Playmobil sets, kids love playing make-believe games with the animal families that make up the Calico Critters/Sylvanian Family lines. They really are so cute that it’s hard not to fall in love with them!

Kimmie and her partner coding with their Evo robot at last spring’s Scouting STEM day

Coding Robots

It’s hard to deny that teaching our kids the basics in the 21st century is a whole different ballgame from decades before. Take, for instance, the ways that technology has infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives since the start of the new millennium. Kids need to be tech-savvy beyond just figuring out how to swipe on iOS or Android devices. One of these new skills that children need to grasp from an early age is coding.

My girls and their fellow Scouts battling it out with their Sphero SPRK+s last spring

There are now lots of games that can help them learn this skill in a fun way; Robot Turtles is my girls’ fave in this category. Or you can sign them up for a kids’ coding club, which Kimmie did last school year. But the most fun way I’ve seen to learn coding is through some very cool coding robots, such as the Ozobot Evo and the Sphero SPRK+. Kids need to enter in different coding instructions to get their robots to move around and carry out simple tasks. The girls got to play with both of these coding toys at a Girl Scout STEM event last year, and the entire troop LOVED trying to keep from crashing into their friends’ robots!


No question about it, the toys that will be hot this Christmas season are going to be big hits with kids of all ages. Which of these will be on YOUR kids’ wish list? Let us know in the comments!

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  2. Wow! This is the best! My Nephew and my little bro loves playing leggo so much! I can’t wait to buy them of harry potter leggo this Christmas. This is so exciting!

  3. You can’t go wrong with legos right? And Harry Potter themed? yes please! Shopping early and planning ahead is such a money saver indeed!

  4. Girl, those Harry Potter legos are on my Christmas list!!! But any legos and playmobile are always a hit with my boys. And hey are fun for the adults to play, too, while using their/our creativity.

    1. Can you believe them??? What “kid” would NOT love Harry Potter legos??? I could build with any Legos all day anyway, but HARRY POTTER ones?!? Yes please!!!

  5. oh man chow crown looks hilarious! We dont have many kids in the family but lots of big kids, if you know what i mean! at thanksgiving we all played pig pong form the 80s and had a blast so i can only imagine this! Im gonnahvae to look into buying it… but HP legos ALL DAY!!

    1. Doesn’t it look like a riot? If only I had no other responsibilities on Christmas and COULD sit around building HP legos all day with my kids (assuming they’d let me, of course!…they’re about as possessive with their Legos as I used to be lol…)

  6. I can’t believe my reality in about 2 – 3 years is thinking about gifts like these to give to my unborn son!! I am due Dec 25th this year, but oh man, I am going to have to start paying attention to WHATS HOT in the kid games department (although I already should because I do have nieces and nephews, lol).

    One thing I really hope is NOT hot this year – THE WEATHER!

    1. This is one definite advantage you have with a Dec due date, GiGi! I was so hot and uncomfortable during my (early) pregnancy summer months, I cannot imagine being late-term pregnant during the warmer months!

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