The Ultimate Bullet Journal Gift List

Need the perfect bullet journal gift ideas for that BuJo fan on your holiday list (or maybe for yourself?). This list has you covered!

Do you have someone who loves bullet journaling on your holiday gift list? Have you been thinking about starting your own Bullet Journal? Or are you a hardcore BuJo fan already? This bullet journal gift list covers all those bases and then some!

I’m about to start my third year of Bullet Journaling. For all that I was doubtful at the beginning, I am happy to report that it truly has revolutionized my life. (Bullet Journaling has even made me a better parent!) So if you or someone you love has been touched by the BuJo revolution, read on for some great gift ideas for them (or maybe for you!):

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Gift List

1. A Leuchtturm 1917 dot-grid notebook

First up on my bullet journal gift list is the gold standard in notebooks: the Leuchtturm 1917 A-5 dot-grid notebook. Yes, these cost a bit more than other BuJo notebook alternatives out there. This is why I’ve resisted getting one until this year. But ohhhh, am I glad I upgraded!

Besides the things you’d expect in a bullet journal – sturdy binding, thick pages, bookmarks – the Leuchtturm 1917 has a few distinct advantages over its competitors. First and foremost, the pages come pre-numbered. Second, there’s an index section built into the front. Add TWO ribbon bookmarks (I’m used to just one), the elastic band to hold it shut or mark your place, and the expander pocket in the back, and you’ve got yourself a notebook that will take you through the year with function AND style.

2. An assortment of good colored pens

Most people like gel pens in a rainbow of colors.for bullet journaling. If you do a lot of drawing, doodling, or other artsy things in your bullet journal, then you probably want a set with at least 20 colors. There are so many options out there to choose from, and even the 100-120 color assortment packs are now available for very reasonable prices, considering how many pens you get.

As for me, though, I prefer to use colored ball-point pens. My two favorite brands are PaperMate InkJoy and Zebra Z-grip. Both of them come in multipacks with an assortment of classic and fun bright colors. I love the color options available, but what I love even more is the smooth writing. I’ve had really good luck with both these brands writing smoothly and consistently, with no gaps or leaks. And unlike gel pens, they’re also less likely to bleed through the paper!

3. Correction ribbon

Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Bullet journalers can and WILL make mistakes. I do it all the time.

This is why I like to keep a roll of correction tape handy. My personal favorite brand is the Tombow Mono Original Correction Tape. I have tried so many brands of correction tape over the years, and most other brands I’ve tried have at least one of these problems:

  • The dispenser is big and bulky
  • The dispenser falls apart if you accidentally drop it
  • The piece where the tape feeds out breaks off or breaks apart, meaning you no longer have that flat edge to help push the tape down
  • At some point the internal tension gets off and you have a big loop of tape sticking out, making it darn near impossible to use

Nothing drives me nuts more than having one or more of these happen to my correction tape! I want one that is going to tuck neatly into my pencil case, and always be ready to go. Not only have the Tombow brand dispensers held together nicely, but they have a small winding tool in the center. That way, if the tape ever DID stop retracting automatically, you could easily wind it tight again so you can keep on using it! (Not that I’ve had to use this feature!)

4. A good pencil case

Ideally, something that is roomy enough to hold your supplies, but small enough to be compact and portable.


I bought this pencil case for myself a few years ago. It comes with an internal divider that you can move around a little

if you want, plus an extra outside pocket (useful for holding paperclips and whatnot). Others may prefer an artist’s roll for storing lots of supplies. There are also small sketch caddies that attach to your notebook and hold a bunch of supplies. And pencil cases that attach to the front and hold your fave three pens plus a pack of sticky notes (or correction tape!).

Any of these would make a great gift for your favorite bullet journaler. But if your BuJo fan prefers a more minimalistic approach, there are other cool options for them as well. Only need to keep one or two pens handy? Check out this two-pen pocket, two-pen band, and one-pen clip. There’s even a band to hold your favorite pen AND your smartphone!

5. Things to help you draw

Again, there’s what many bullet journalers do, and what I do. I go for the simplified BuJo approach, so the only bullet-journaling aid I need isa short (8-inch) ruler. My bullet journal is NOT terribly artsy, and any art that’s in there, I do myself. (Rare. Very rare.)

BUT…because I know lots of other bullet journalers like to make their notebooks into artistic masterpieces (aka creative outlets), well, there’s nothing like a few fun stencils to help you along. Combine stencils with a good assortment of gel pens, and your Bullet Journal is bound to become a work of art, for sure.

6. Things to help you mark

Bullet journalers like to mark their pages. Again, I take a slightly different approach to this than most do. A lot of BuJo fans like to use assorted colors of washi tape to adorn their pages, and even to adorn the edge of their pages. (See this post for creative ways to use washi tape in your BuJo.) There are also stickers you can get to decorate your BuJo, and/or mark important reminders.

What I prefer to mark my pages, though, is write-on tabs. I use them to mark the start of each new month, as well as important pages I’ll want to refer back to regularly throughout the year. They’re removable and repositionable, and come in different colors. They work well for me and keep things simple.

7. The Bullet Journal Method

Ryder Carroll’s book about all things bullet journaling, The Bullet Journal Method, quickly became a bestseller after its fall 2018 release. This book is perfect for bullet journaling novices, long-time BuJo aficionados, and everyone in between.


Besides telling the story of how he developed this revolutionary organizational method, it gives ideas for even more ways to hack your life with your bullet journal. I’ve learned a ton from it so far, and can’t wait to finish it.

If not for already having a copy, this would be on MY Christmas list for sure. Since I already have one, I’m considering which friends might need BuJo (and a copy of this book) in their lives as I contemplate my holiday gift list.

And finally: The ultimate in luxury and function for BuJo lovers

A custom-made leather BuJo cover is the ultimate gift for the Bullet Journal girl-boss or boss-mama in your life. (Maybe you?) I just came across these recently, so am seriously considering putting it on my own holiday gift list.

Isn’t it gorgeous? These covers are handmade by artisans in Istanbul. They’ve got pockets for not only your favorite pens/ruler, and can even hold your smartphone! For those who don’t BuJo, they also hold a smaller tablet (think iPad Mini size). With a cover like this protecting your BuJo, you’ll always have everything you need right at your fingertips!

What did I miss? What’s your must-have bullet journal tool, or the bullet journal gift list item you’ve been longing for most? Let us know in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bullet Journal Gift List”

  1. I got my niece a bullet journal for Christmas! I also got her some gel pens to go with it. Didn’t think of the white out or case though, great ideas!

    1. In my case, live and learn – so glad you can save her from having to figure it out the hard way like I did! 🙂

    1. It is totally different from anything I’d tried before, too – but by the time I finally tried it, I was well into my parenting journey and had literally gone YEARS without having something workable! Every single thing that had worked for me as a childless working woman just did NOT cut it for this work-at-home-parent life – until I tried BuJo.

  2. Each new year I’m tempted to start a bullet journal but I end up refilling my old planner! haha, I think I’m comfy with the happy planner so far , lol

    1. As long as you’ve got a planner that works FOR YOU, then that’s all that matters! 🙂 (But Ryder’s new book, which I’ve since finished, is still full of tons of cool big-picture meta exercises to help you get beyond the day-to-day 🙂 …)

    1. Well, then definitely take a peek at the book at the end. Of all the things I’ve tried to organize my life since becoming a parent, this is the ONLY one that’s worked for me!

  3. I invested in some really good pens last year and they are my favorite. I bought correction tape this year as it’s something I’ve never used in my bullet journal before hand but that’s frustrating when I make a mistake!

  4. I know nothing about bullet journaling, so I’m very glad you included the informational book on your list. I will have to read and get informed! Thanks for the list!

    1. You’re welcome! If you already have a digital or analog planning system(s) that works for you, then you’re lucky. I had systems that worked perfectly for me UNTIL I became a parent – post-parenthood, none of them worked for me anymore! (Sleep deprivation and children-induced household chaos?) This is the ONLY one I’ve tried that has worked for my new mama existence, and it even works *better* than my former systems now!

  5. I have never used a bullet journal. After reading your post, I am asking myself, how could I ever missed that. I am going to remediate. Thanks for sharing with me.

    1. You’re welcome! All my old planning/organization systems from pre-parenthood just did NOT work for my new life as a parent, until I tried this one. It’s the only one that’s stuck.

    1. I have tried SO many other ways to get my act together as a mama and blogger, and this is the ONLY one that’s worked for me. So if you try it, I hope you find it just as useful! 🙂

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