How To Lose Weight For Good

Do you want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good? A year in, I've lost weight with NOOM - and kept it off! Read how here.

Want to know how to lose weight and keep it off? This program did it for me:

Do you struggle to

  • make healthy eating choices,
  • squeeze in exercise,
  • eat a balanced diet, or
  • resist that sweet treat or second helping of dessert?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, I’m guessing you may have tried a diet or two in your day. Maybe a half-dozen. Maybe so many, you’ve lost count.

Maybe you’ve invested hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in different eating programs, exercise regimes/equipment, and other efforts to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

These are challenges I’ve literally struggled with my whole life – so I know where you’re coming from.

Christmas Eve 2018. When it was time to get ready for church, I realized this was the only dress I could fit into – and just barely!

I know your pain.

I have a confession: For much of my life, I’ve been overweight. Not obese, but overweight enough to have a body-mass index.above the “healthy” range. Given my family’s history with heart attacks, high blood pressure, and cancer – not to mention my own history of joint issues – I’ve been painfully aware of the fact that maintaining a healthy weight is essential.

But that hasn’t made it any easier for me to do so.

And mind you, I know all about healthy eating – I’ve been doing it most of my life! Ditto for exercise. Yet still I struggle.

Things reached a breaking point last New Year’s Day, when I stepped on the scale. And found I was 10 pounds shy of my delivery weight with both girls.

Only I wasn’t pregnant.

Sound familiar?

How To Lose Weight For Good

For ages, most diet programs out there just haven’t been realistic for my lifestyle. If you’re a busy parent, you know what I mean:

  • You don’t have time to prepare two sets of food – one for you, one for the rest of your family;
  • You exercise when you can, but can’t spend all day everyday in the gym;
  • You can’t eliminate every single snack from your house because you have kids around;
  • You can’t afford fancy, expensive “diet food” for yourself;
  • If someone else cooks at least some of the time, you can’t dictate what they’ll prepare;
  • Meals-away-from-home are a regular part of your reality.

Enter the secret weapon I stumbled across by accident last New Year’s Day. For which I am forever grateful.

Because thanks to this secret weapon, this is the year I’ve finally lost weight, and kept if off.


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What’s the secret weapon?

It’s a program called NOOM.

It’s not a diet. You can eat whatever you want on it. (Really!)

A better way to describe NOOM is as a program to retrain your brain and rewire your habits, so you can live and maintain a healthier life.

For me, NOOM has made all the difference this past year.

Christmas Eve 2018 versus Easter 2019. Same dress, but by Easter I no longer felt squeezed into it, and I’d regained my waistline.

Before I signed up for NOOM, I was appalled to look back at photos from the previous year and realize that I looked heavier than I’d like in them.

Not to mention that my clothes all seemed to be getting tighter.

And I was finding that every time I bought new clothes for myself, they were in larger sizes than before.

And many of my former fave-things-to-wear no longer looked that good on me. THAT was the real kicker – that, and how I looked in photographs.

Since starting NOOM, I no longer have to buy clothes in bigger sizes. In fact, I’ve been able to start wearing clothes that a year ago were too small for me – and some of my favorite “larger-size” clothes are now too big.

Christmas 2018, I could barely fit into the Easter dress you see on the left. Christmas 2019 (right), I was back into a Christmas top I hadn’t been able to squeeze into for several years.

How does NOOM work?

In order to do NOOM, all you need is

  • A smart device plus internet connection;
  • A scale;
  • About 10 minutes per day.

Each day, NOOM delivers a fresh set of lessons to your smart device. It usually takes maybe 5 minutes to work through the lessons. The other 5 minutes is for logging your meals.

Lessons? What kind of lessons?

The reason NOOM is different from any other weight-loss program I’ve ever tried is because it goes way beyond the stuff I already knew. (Face it, the stuff we ALL probably already know, deep down inside).

Knowing how to make healthy food choices, or that exercise is important, is one thing. Consistently doing what we know is the hard part.

Especially when you add in the stress of parenting. And travel, whether for work or for family. And (in my case) those weekly kids’ choir family dinners at church every Wednesday night, when pizza is the main course. (Substitute your own weekly less-than-healthy family rituals here.)

Little by little, day by day, NOOM helps you reexamine everything you think you know about healthy eating and healthy living. It helps you identify the weak links in your lifestyle, and rebuild them with healthier patterns. It does this by giving you the tools you need to make permanent changes to your thinking.

In my case, the weak links became clear just a few months into NOOM:

  1. As I’ve often written about here, I don’t always get the sleep I need.
  2. Late afternoon is a challenging point in my day. After having the peace and quiet of the house to myself for my work-at-home-mama workday, the transition to full-time parenting again (when the girls arrive home from school) can be stressful. Coaxing them through their homework, particularly our child with learning challenges, is especially stressful. And I’m usually ready for a snack anyway.

As I now realize, the perfect storm of #2 often leaves me hangry, and grabbing for whatever unhealthy choices I can lay my hands on (chocolate, anyone?). Add in #1, and I’m a goner.

How NOOM helped me lose weight and keep it off

Left: Vacation 2018, before NOOM. Right: Vacation 2019, after several months on the NOOM program – same shirt and pants, but both were baggy. (I’ve since had to stop wearing both because they’re just too big!)

Just realizing the point in my day when I got super-stressed (and started stress-eating as a result) was a HUGE eye-opener for me.

Thanks to NOOM, I not only recognize that trigger in my life – I have a multi-pronged plan in place to handle that stress point, so I don’t stress-eat as a result!

Other people have other triggers. NOOM is designed to help each person recognize the weak links in their own healthy-living chain, and make permanent lifestyle changes:

  • Once you join NOOM, you get a daily set of lessons sent directly to your smartphone. They take about 5 minutes to read.
  • Several months in, you will get different mental exercises to try that might take an additional 5-10 minutes per day to complete.
  • Each day, you’ll weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Afraid of the scale? NOOM talks you through this, too! I now know, thanks to NOOM, how to see fluctuations in my daily weigh-in as normal rather than panic points, and how to stay focused on the big picture.
  • Then throughout the day, you’ll log what you eat in the NOOM app. This is so much easier than I ever thought it would be! NOOM classifies all foods as either “green” (eat as much as you want), “yellow” (eat in moderation), or “red” (eat sparingly), based on their calorie density.
  • And in addition to the lessons and the food-logging, you get access to a personal coach AND a support group of other NOOMers all over the world.
My weight over the past year. Yes, a little uptick with the holidays – but nowhere near where I was a year ago!

But what about other people who’ve tried NOOM?

You don’t have to believe just me. I was totally skeptical before I signed up that this program would make a real difference. So I did some research to see if it was too good to be true. (Which, honestly, was how it seemed.)

Turns out, various scientists have been studying NOOM for awhile now. Here are some of the results they’ve published:

It’s worth noting that like any program, the app doesn’t work if you don’t use it. I’ve been completely cut off from the internet for two weeks this past year. Which meant I wasn’t getting my daily lessons (though I was still able to log what I ate, and get real-time feedback on my choices). It was hard to get back to the lessons after this first “break,” and my weight loss started to stall as a result. But I’ve kept the weight off.

As I type this, it’s Christmas week and I’m surrounded by all sorts of excuses to make less-than-healthy choices. BUT my coach has been right there with me, checking in with me to see what challenges I’m facing, and giving me the positive reinforcement I need to stick with my healthy-eating plan while away from home for several days.

A snippet of my conversations with my coach over the past few days (my $0.02 is the stuff in blue). She is totally helping me stay on track over the holidays!

Want to give NOOM a try?

If you’re intrigued, you can try NOOM for free for two weeks with this link – AND get an extra 20% discount if you decide to stick with NOOM after that. To get started, NOOM will ask you a number of questions about your current stats (age/height/weight, etc.) as well as your overall goals (healthier lifestyle, weight loss, etc.). Then NOOM will customize a program just for you and YOUR needs.

If after two weeks you’re just not into it, cancel with no obligation. If you do like it, I’m willing to bet that with the extra 20% discount, you’ll end up paying way less per month for your first few months with NOOM than that gym membership you’ve been debating. (Or debating canceling because you use it so rarely).

When I realized how little NOOM cost compared to the other options I’d been considering, giving it a try was a no-brainer. And as you can see from the pictures above, I’m so glad I did.

Ready to say “yes” to your healthiest year yet?Click here to get started and snag that 20% discount!

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