My kids’ fave munchies for hot summer days? Hands-down, frozen grapes.

I first came across this idea a couple of years before I actually tried it, and I only wish I’d tried it sooner. My hesitation is simple to explain: I assumed the grapes would freeze into little rocks that I’d then have to thaw slightly before my preschooler could chew them, or I could cut them up for the baby. (Patience is not always my family’s strong suit.)

Boy, was I wrong.

Fast-forward to a sweltering day last summer, when – in a first for my household – the seedless grapes I’d washed and left on the countertop for snacking were starting to go bad faster than my kiddos could eat them. On a whim, after sorting, de-stemming, and rewashing them, I tossed them in a container and stuck them in the freezer.

A week later, when the girls were antsy for a snack and bored with the usual options, I hauled out the frozen grapes and popped one in my mouth. It was as if I’d finally discovered grapes’ true calling in life. Through the mysteries of divine creation, it seems that grapes were clearly designed to be frozen. They easily separate from each other, have a frozen texture that’s perfect for cutting or chewing, and make the tastiest little iceballs of sweet goodness in your mouth that you can imagine.

The girls plowed through their portions in less than five minutes, and begged for more.

Learn from my mistake: DON’T wait to try this. Next time you buy your family’s favorite seedless grapes, whatever they may be, get some extras and put them in the freezer.

Your kids will thank you, and love you for it.

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